Get ready to unleash your inner demons and experience the ultimate workout right from the comfort of (your own space) hell. LIIT [HIGHLAND] is the alternative class you've been waiting for, combining sweat-inducing moves set to an electrifying heavy metal playlist.

Coach Margy Mayhem and her fierce feline assistant, Bowie, have curated a workout like no other. With Margy's Highland background and infectious enthusiasm, every class becomes a unique and fun-filled experience, even when standing in a pool of sweat.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, this class welcomes all. Margy will guide you through the drills, offering low and high-impact options, ensuring you find the challenge that suits you best.

For this adventure, all you need is your own sweat towel, a door or chair to lean against, and a mat, towel, or rug to work from. Dress comfortably in gear that allows freedom of movement and go barefoot or wear socks. Hydration is essential, so keep a water bottle nearby, and remember to take slow-small sips during the workout.

We also embrace furry friends in our online space! Pets are welcome to join in on the action, provided they're not in danger from your over-enthusiastic moves.

Join Margy (and Bowie) as they lead you through heavy metal-fueled movement. Get ready to sweat and make this sesh one of your go-to’s, Fuck Yeah! Please note that our playlist and classes will contain adult themes, so expect nothing less than grown-up vibes. Our Coach is also a straight-up swear bear ;)