The United Earth government has sent us on a space mission to locate the evil scientist Durand-Durand and retrieve a weapon that could destroy humanity. Make sure you're up to the task with Barrebarrella, an, at times, optional high impact barre sesh. Who knows, you may just help Pygar fly again.

It’s like this: all the juicy goodness you’d get from our Highland Burlin' Barre classes, WITH no complicated routines and bouncin' around. There will, however, be mandatory multiple costume changes after each sesh. And by mandatory, we mean optional.

Watch and follow in Margy Mayhem’s mythical shadow, starting with ya space toes and moving all the way up to those gravity defying hands, busting into a warm-up and strengthen, preparing you for your mission.

Margy and the almighty legend Bowie the space cat will lead us through the sesh with their iconic moves, fit for anyone wanting to get their flow on.

Wear a comfy silver body suit to allow movement and socks, rocket launchers or bare feet.

So meet us in the future - it’ll be super cool and stuff!

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

Secret passwords will be issued upon booking.

And never fear: No Duran Duran will be played in this class. Margy may however chuck together a 60s pshycadelia/ doom/ metal mega mix. Noice.

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.