Regardless of your experience or abilities, you're invited to jump on our bandwagon. 

Head coach has put together a bunch of band moves to transform your training sessions. All you need is bandwidth to stream the class, a resistance band (OR NOT), and band stands like a mat, chair or wall.
Our bandiness is all low impact, floor or standing goodness. You’ll join your bandmates to bend and bloody stretch, that incorps some music instrument inspirations too.
BYO (resistance) band to this sesh, or be your own bandleader without a band. If you haven’t yet joined the resistance, they’re rubbery bands or loops you place around different body parts to create extra resistance when you're doing exercises like squats n stretches and stuff.
Loop, grip or tie your solo band together for exercises that target specific muscle groups. You can vary the resistance by using different strengths of bands, or combinations of more than one band. This set includes exercises for arms, legs, butt stuff and overall core strength.
Wear gear that allows movement: no shiny pants the band might slip off, no baggy stuff the band might catch on. Just smooth / matt leggings, are ideal.
As we band together expect to apply some grimace faces. Your trainer might/will swear so we encourage yells or whatever you need to get through at your end.
Band practice will feature a killer playlist, so your ear holes will be pleasured. Oooer.
We're not just any band, we're a bunch of like-minded crew that wanna rock with you. Now, what’s our bandname? Bandicoot and the Bandoneons? Bandies Bandanas? Somethin’ else with band in it?

Adult themes, strictly grown up sweaty- sweary times.