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12:15pm (AEST) Online class (35min)

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Even the most outrageous big-haired rock bands have that one slow, moody ballad that everyone loves! We're offering this slow (daytime), chilled yoga class in our repertoire of yoga for those who love to rock!

It's still genuine Vinyasa flow yoga taught by a qualified yogi rock chick and offered to an issued killer rock soundtrack, but taking it slower and deeper for the ultimate in stretch, balance and self-care.

Inhale the rock and exhale the bullshit in this yoga class focusing on restorative moves and meditative practices. Get more energised, more centered and more relaxed to a bunch of great tracks that'll make you want to wave your lighter (or phone torch) in the air!

(Singing along not compulsory, but is totally allowed.)

Suitable for most levels

If you have yoga mat, large towel or a pull up a rug. Snatch a cushion from the couch, (or a yoga block you have one).

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, rock socks to warm cold feet, or go barefoot and fancy free and in the cooler weather, ya might need a blanket.

Your Host: Jo Bends

Bookings close:
2 hours prior (unless sold out)

Remember to: Sail on in early so you’re not hurried and hassled but cool, calm, and ready for serenity. At least login 5-15 minutes before start time (login info will be sent via SMS prior)

Bookings essential: This purchase confirms your placement and by booking you agree to the T+C's. The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Price/s is for the date/s above, no refunds for missed session/s. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

Suitable for women aged 18+: We're not insured for underaged visitors. No including underage crew to 'just to watch the class' or to 'participate'. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.