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Alternative Women's Fitness


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Suitable for those aged 18+

The perfect style of class if you wanna "keep up" with your boxing but are done with impact, and prefer non-contact with the bonus convenience of moving in your own space. 

Shadow BOXING can help with confidence! It requires you to train your mind and ya bod. You won’t just be throwin’ rando fresh-air-punches, you’ll get to do other stuff… like practice footwork! Sab will direct your combos and drills; this requires some concentration and coordination – increasing your focus, will invariably help you in other areas of your life too! Oh, bonus!

Suitable for: Beginners and experienced boxers. 

The entire sesh can be LOW IMPACT, with options available most for injuries and ailments.

Stress Relief - What! Yes, ploise! Chuckin' some combos and moving around can help release all of that bottled-up stuff, allowing you to carry on feeling a tad more relaxed and positive.  

Equipment is NOT required, but you are more than welcome to practice with hand wraps, gloves and a mouthguard.

Pending your surface, you may also prefer bare feet.