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ROAR 'N' RELEASE YOGA X Chelsea Wolfe/Mrs Piss MON 8PM (20 JUL)

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8pm (AEST)  Online class (45min)

The idea behind ROAR 'N' RELEASE YOGA is that we all have a lot of stress and strain in our lives and sometimes, you just need to get it the fuck out! To help you find your Feral (self) Love, We've created a bangin' Offering of tunes from the legendary Chelsea Wolfe/Mrs Piss.

If you feel like you (We) Hit A Wall, this moderate intensity yoga session is just for you. It’s all about nailing those intense poses and releasing that tension.
A step up from our other yoga sessions, ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE may have ya workin’ and sweatin’ a tad more. You'll strengthen your core and yourself with stronger, fiercer sequences—unleashing the demon so you can Be All Things.

Oh yeah, coz it’s on a Mondee noite, you’ll continue to power through your week like a beast!

If you're Deranged For Rock & Roll, you'll love listening to Chelsea Wolfe’s lo-fi bedroom recordings right through to new collaborations with Mrs Piss. For the more lush recordings, they magnify her power! And this is why we reckon the tunes totally suit this sesh!

You are encouraged to work within your means and alternative options are always on offer. Wear comfy gear that allows movement and socks or bare feet. You’ll feel hotter than hell for the most part—but you don’t want to cop a chill towards the end, so have extra layers handy.

Your Host: Hell-Yeah Haley


Bookings close:
2 hours prior (unless sold out)

Remember to: Login 5-10 minutes before start time (login info will be sent via SMS prior)

Bookings essential: This purchase confirms your placement and by booking you agree to the T+C's. The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Price/s is for the date/s above, no refunds for missed session/s. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

Suitable for women aged 18+: We're not insured for underaged visitors. No including underage crew to 'just to watch the class' or to 'participate'. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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