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Suitable for women aged 18+

We've teamed up with Rebel Stepz, and together they're workin' the floor for a special edition of Barre. That's right, no standing exercises during these classes making it a low impact sesh with less impact on ya joints.

Rebel Master Trainer, is pretty crafty when it comes to instructing, expect ballet based moves; plies, tendus, jete's... and loads of stretching.

An ex-ballerina from the Royal Ballet, Tiger lends expertise to each workout with a focus on improving flexibility, posture and muscle tone.

So stumble your way out of bed on a Sunday and keep the lights down low. No need for pirouettes though.

You may like to stay in your jammies... whatever you have on, make sure it's comfy gear that allows movement and rock socks or go barefoot.

Absolute beginners and all levels of experience are welcome.

Don’t forget ya yoga mat if ya have one, otherwise pull up a large towel or a rug have a water bottle handy and of course, bring your barr-aye attitude!

By booking you agree to the T+C's.

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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