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POCKET WOVII (Coral Crush)

POCKET WOVII (Coral Crush)

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The POCKET wovii is the perfect sidekick.  It's handy size is slightly bigger than a normal hand towel and makes a great addition to any bathroom, gym bag or handbag (for those 'unexpected spills').

It comes in a handy reusable pouch too.


Super Soft - Our Softech™ fabric is super soft so kids want to cuddle in and get dry fast.  

Ultra Thirsty - Woviis can soak up 4 times their own weight in water.  That’s over 1.2kg of water with a  Standard wovii!

Lightweight - Being lighter makes woviis easier for little hands to manoeuvre.  Even younger kids can dry themselves (a parenting win!).

Compact - Less to carry to the beach or pool, more room in your linen closet and extra space in your washing machine.

Hanging loop - The integrated hanging loop makes it easy for little hands to hang and keeps them off the bathroom floor.

Won't fade with pool water - Chlorine doesn't bother woviis, we make them to last.

Size: 80cm x 40cm 

Weight:  140 grams 

100% Microfibre (excluding trims)

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