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Curious about boxing but nervous too? Want to join in but coming solo? Try a one-off super welcoming session especially for shy newbies! No commitment, no pressure, just fun!

Suitable for: Beginner level boxers or those with some experience ★13-15yo.

Wanna try something cool, new & fierce AF? Get into BOXiNG!

This isn’t your Mum’s cardio-boxercise class.This is real boxing taught by women. But it’s not in a smelly boxing gym, and there’ll be no pumped up dude-bros  wandering through – it’s a private class in a private space. No parents either!

We’ll teach you how to give, take and duck punches. You’ll learn to jab, cross, hook and uppercut. See your drills, skills, fitness and strength improve every week!

You’ll leave these classes feeling strong and super confident!

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Your Host: Head Coach Sabina Rules

Dates/ times:
09 OCT 4:30pm
16 OCT 4:30pm

Venue: 60 High Street, Preston

Bookings essential, this purchase confirms your placement. This session has very limited availability; The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Pack prices are for the dates above, no refunds for missed sessions. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

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