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Suitable for women aged 18+

 Intermediates Level: For those that have nailed ALL the FUNdamentals. Women that have interned as a beginner boxer, and now interested in going intermediate? Develop even more internal strength in this session of intermittent laughter and un-interrupted awesomeness.


During this Isolation period, you resolved to GET FIT, but it just seems so boring… Don’t throw in the towel! We have the solution – a class so much fun, you’ll be motivated like never before.

Punch with a bunch of like minded legends… tune in and teach the fresh air who’s boss – all while practicing physical distancing. With AWF in your corner, you’ll learn how to roll with the punches and still come out swinging. Limited places available, so don’t be beaten to the punch!

PiNK (Shadow) BOXiNG is a workout we’re introducing. Where you get to punch with an imaginary component. (No partner work and no equipment required).
Like regular boxing, PiNK (Shadow) BOXiNG can also help with confidence! It requires you to train your mind and ya bod. You won’t just be throwin’ rando fresh-air-punches, you’ll get to do other stuff… like practice footwork! The Trainer will direct your combos and drills; this requires some concentration and coordination – increasing your focus, will invariably help you in other areas of you life too! Oh, bonus!

The entire workout is LOW IMPACT, with options available most for injuries and aliments.

Stress Relief – What! Yes ploise! Most of us have to power through these days that are filled with frustration and angst at the moment. Chuckin’ some combos can help release all of that bottled up stuff, allowing you to carry on feeling a tad more relaxed and positive.

Stronger! Um, yep. Expect a total body workout. Since PiNK (Shadow) BOXiNG does NOT involve hitting a partner/ pads, you’ll be callin’ on ya legs, back and core muscles more to better control the force and to catch ya balance… Oh and we’ll include a core workout too – yippy!

Wear something comfortable that allows movement and sneakers (if you’re on carpet you may like to try bare feet – no socks only). You’ll need a water bottle and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one).

By booking you agree to the T+C's.

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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