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7:30pm (AEST) Online class (60min)

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Pilates! It's about strengthening some of the most important muscles—the deep core and pelvic floor! Pilates improves stability, mobility and balance.  Those dealing with lil' back niggles, pelvic floor issues, or just wanting to make your body stronger and more resilient, this class is for YOU.

We’re stoked to get together with Authentic Women (our sister business, literally—we’re sisters!) and the Epic Instructor ST  - to offer contemporary mat Pilates classes.

PURRlates, as we secretly love to call it, is a class tailor-made to condition your body whilst at the same time increasing flexibility and strength. Pilates exercises help to re-align your body and spine, building a mighty core and muscle tone.

Pilates is not only a strong foundation and compliment to any workout plan, but one you can do from the comfort of your living/bedroom—and in lockdown that’s more important now than ever!
You’ll need to clear a space big enough. We get it—your flat-share may not even have a living room, but if you can stretch your arms out without touching the wall, you’re fine.

Suitable for: not just those that identify as women, we’ve made this sesh open to ALL wanting to discover their inner strength. Beginners welcomed with intermediate and advanced crew catered for.

Options may be available for most injuries, but the trainer must know WAY prior to the session starting so they can prepare, not as the class is starting. So please give us a yell if ya have any sore spots you wanna discuss!

Dress warm with layers. Socks/ bare feet. Have a cushion (or block) and anything like a strap. Don’t forget ya (yoga) mat if ya have one, otherwise pull up a large towel or a rug.

We’ll supply you with a playlist—together with your session, it will ROCK you to the core! Don’t hold your breath on this one, it will sell out, limited availability.

Your Host: ST (and Miffy the cat #AWFpets)


Remember to: Login 5-10 minutes before start time (login info will be sent via SMS prior)


Bookings essential: This purchase confirms your placement and by booking you agree to the T+C's. The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Price/s is for the date/s above, no refunds for missed session/s. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

Suitable for people aged 16+: We're not insured for underaged visitors. No including underage crew to 'just to watch the class' or to 'participate'. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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