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Suitable for women aged 18+

Do ya love a good martial arts sesh?! We’re stoked to get together with SGP Fight Academy (our sister business from New York, USA) and the Epic Boss Sara Grace - to offer you their KICKBOXING classes.

Sara will deliver fun Martial Arts - technique based classes that may at times leave you breathless.

It’s optional to stay on mute or off, we don’t care - Kick and whack the air with a pack of likeminded legends; Let the HeeeeYA’s slide and swear words fly. It truly is an epic workout, it won’t get easier – overtime you’ll just get stronger.


KICKBOXING is all about drilling your technique, whether you’re a brand newy or an experienced fighter with the trainer on your side and the support of the group, knowing you’re not on your own will help you not give up when you feel the tired.


Boss Sara is a life long martial artist and amateur fighter, includes moves and grooves for a bunch of styles like; kickboxing and muaythai. This sesh is live online – so moves cater towards easy watch and follow shadow work, core focus and brutal cardio.
You'll finish feeling confident, sweaty and STRONG AF!
Join us sisters who whack on the regs, pushin’ it to your limits to some (shhh…. non-rock) tunes. 
Dress warm so you can shed those layers and bare feet is best! 
YOU WILL NEED: A mat for any random floor work, a towel and a water bottle.

By booking you agree to the T+C's.

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

How to do classes ONLINE >.

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