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Alternative Activewear


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Suitable for those aged 18+

Holy tartan! What in Robert Burns’ name is Burlin' Barr-aye?

You bravehearts are in for a treat! Get ready to work your weary bodies as you rise, like a Clootie dumplin's on a Sundee mornin'.

We’re not talkin’ a ballet or ballet-inspired class ya bawbag, that’s for sure.

It’s like this: all the juicy goodness you’d get from our Highland fling classes, WITHOUT the complicated routines and bouncin' around. No need to hang onto your sporrans here. Bonnie barre without the ballet, get strong and flexible af highlander style!

Lang mae yer lum reek with a mixture of core work, balance, strength and stretching, with Highland dance influences oozing from all corners of the loch.

Watch and follow in Margy Mayhem’s mythical shadow, starting with ya wee lil’ toes and moving all the way up to those strong stag hands, then busting into a warm-up and strengthen.

Margy and the almighty legend Bowie the cat lilt us through the sesh with their mythical moves, fit for anyone wanting to get their flow on.

The enchanting playlist will pull you out of your cave like the siren’s song with narry a bagpipe in sight. We guarantee it will become a cornerstone of your classes, captivating and lovingly rocking your screeching soul.

But ne’er ye fear; this ain’t no niche class; we 'ken this full body, low impact workout is suitable for most abilities and generations. You’ll be encouraged to work within your means and alternative moves are always on offer.

Wear comfy gear to allow movement and socks or bare feet (tartan optional). You may feel hotter than hell for the most part, but if you cop a chill have layers (or whiskey) handy.

And as Nessie herself would say; Och aye ya wee burler, we be movin’ ONLINE, ye’ll learn tae burl ’n’ aw! So dinnae faff aboot, get booked in the noo!

Translation: Oh yeah you good things, we’ll be movin’ ONLINE, learning how to ‘burl’ [Scots move], it’ll be super cool and fun and stuff! So don’t waste time, get booked in now!

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.