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Our fave boxing gloves are BACK IN BLACK!

If you're a goth, metalhead, or simply a Melbournian, you know basic black is always best! These 10oz Adidas Speed 100 gloves in black are just for you!

Excellent shock absorption and dynamic fit so you can bust those combo's out hard and fast! Durable PU construction and firm fitting around the hand and wrist, with velcro and elastic wrist strap for easy and firm fastening!

Designed to optimise speed and performance, you'll be floating like the fastest butterfly and stinging like the speediest bee in these gloves.
  • PU durable material
  • Satin like lining for extra comfort
  • Firm fitting glove around hand and wrist
  • New adidas multi layer foam integrating unique dampening
  • Durable construction
  • Available in 10oz, 12oz or 16oz