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Alternative Activewear


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NOTE: ya have to be a newbie to ONLINE CLASSES, like complete newb to access this part. Special membership to lead you into autumn/ or spring? OH YEAH.

We'd love for new members to get in there, give some of our classes a go and see what ya like or what fits in with your life. So we've made this special pass just for youse.

(Sorry regular crew - there's other pass/es you can check out but, or why not shout a mate to this one?)

This pass gives unlimited access for 7 days to TRY ALL THE THINGIES. We reckon this will give you a good chance to see how we work and how bloody noice our trainers and crew are. Plus you'll get to see some pets and who doesn't love that hey.

All our classes are available online so you don't even need to leave home. Bloody swoit as.

So what do ya get?

  • A truckload of curated playlists that complement uniquely designed LIVE classes.
  • Exclusive access to interstate and overseas classes run by our sister businesses.
  • No need to chomp at the bit due to an enforced break, continue your workouts wherever you may be - even over the festive / holiday season/s.
  • A balanced program to deliver both your Yin and Yang time.
  • Stay connected with like-minded crew (+ pets) from all over the joint. We may be biased but we reckon our crew are bloody nice and hilarious to boot.
    Unlock access to ALL OF THE ONLINE CLASSES! ALL OF THEM for 7 Days.

 *Bookings are essential. You'll be issued a unique code to book in your classes.

**No refunds are available on this pass. By booking you agree to the T+C's. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

As it's your first time joining us you may want to check out this handy link:  How to do classes ONLINE >.