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All we wanna know is… if you love a bit a biff? Yeh?


Coz we love some biffo, and not just because it’s an opportunity to let off some pent up steam. We love growing a community of fighters that feel confident enough to participate some sparring practice and maybe even during some fight club events. If ya sign up, you'll expect sparring prac with other like minded legends.

Age is not an issue, unless you’re under 18, soz, it’s just feels weird hitting younger crew.


  • Hands wrapped
  • 10oz gloves
  • Headgear
  • Mouthguard
*All of these things we can supply, except for mouthguard/s. Gross.

    Hair off face. No strikes to face. No grabbing.

    What's that? not sure if you’re 'fit' enough? That is exactly was sparring prac is for, to find out where you're at and to have fun!


    Venue: Kingsbury Boxing Club, Browning St

    Time: 2-3pm

    Hosts/ Trainers: Sabina Turner/ Natalie Amoré 


    Terms and Conditions; Your processing this booking confirms your placement. Once this is processed; The rego/pass is not transferable for cash or other. If you’re unable to attend; your place may be transferable to a friend*
    Any further questions; CONTACT US

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