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The Founder Superheroine

Photo by; Michelle Grace Hunder
At the forefront of this movement is Sabina Turner, designing for years she found a gap in the market for Women.
"We wanna inspire Gals to get active", and Sabina has a real passion to source and collaborate with other local designers.

She is anti gyms and as a result created Alternative Women's Fitness in 2012.
Soon after, she realised, she wasn’t the only one seeking something different.

This concept has now flowed into launching an online platform for Women to come and find something alternative to wear.
Firstly, it started with a couple of t-shirt designs she produced for the gals to wear to training.
She wanted to offer a whole new meaning to having a active lifestyle.  The gals would wear these tops to training (or out and about) and feel comfortable, they also created a sense of belonging.

Launching Superheroine, means she can expand on the offering to women that are simply hungry for stuff thats different.

Sabina also designs for the Superheroine 'house brand' giving fun options to smash around town.
She is inspired by the Northside of Melbourne, with the first lot of tanks being produced specifically for gals to claim the Northside and a sense of empowerment when sporting them around!  The Northside is where all the action is with the Alternative Women’s Fitness project.

Sabina has a sixth sense and great understating of what women want, often before they even realise it!
She truly is a Superheroine!

Email her anytime here: