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Inspiring empowerment through a workout!

There goes the neighbourhood! 
Seriously though we have the best trainer onboard to take this NEW fitness sesh,
(She also used to be in a punk band)

Deep inside all of us there is a rebel wanting to erupt, and if you find it tricky do in real everyday life. Or maybe it's just under the surface, we’re offering an opportunity for Gals to let loose; During the RIOT GRRRL X FITNESS workout; we’ll encourage singing, yelling, swearing, clapping, fist pumping, grunting whatever needed to do to feel alive, in a safe and supportive environment.
Franca the trainer will push each individual to their own limits, no mucho sh!t, no comparing, no measuring.
Just honest fun, effort and sweat!

Everyone can agree that the riot grrrl genre has its musical roots in punk rock. In the early '90s the "riot grrrl revolution" grew; forming a community through self-published zines and a do-it-yourself approach to playing and creating music.

During our RIOT GRRRL X FITNESS sessions we will continue our DIY approach (to everything) and create playlists solely from local bands!

Playlist featured local bands: TBA



Become an AWF RIOT GRRRL Graphic Artist >

We're always looking for artists to feature on our merch. With AWF, you'll be credited and paid for your work! Woo hoo! On top of that, you'll be contributing to a thriving community responsible for starting and sharing conversations surrounding important issues.  Are ya interested?

Guidelines >

Why should I submit my designs to AWF?
We have huge thriving audience visiting us on the regular in real life at The CLUBhouse on the website and on our social media network. We also have a bunch of subscribers to the e-newsletter that love updates on new cool stuff! 
We allow designers to link back to their artist pages, websites, or social media pages.

What are the design guidelines?
All images must be original.  
If quotes are used, they must be cited, ideally on the t-shirt design itself.  
Swear words should be used in a positive way.
No discriminatory language/ images against ANY group of people.    

How do I format my artwork?  
Artwork must ideally be; 
1. PSD (Minimum 300dpi) or Ai format
2. Print Area 30 wide x 40 Height

How do I submit my artwork?  

  • Via email; attach artwork file, 
  • with the name of the design, your full name 
  • (or let us know if you wanna be anonymous) 
  • link (your artist page, insta page, etc.)

Who owns the design?  
You (the artist) retain all rights over your design.    

How should I submit my design for review?
You must send all designs to;

How do I know if my design is successful?
We'll get in contact with every artist about the approval process, however if you don’t hear from us after a few weeks, please assume your design has been rejected.

Why would my design be rejected?  
Simply the message or design differences within our general product design guidelines (Please do not re-send rejected designs).     

How will I be credited as the artist?
We will acknowledge you, the designer, (unless you wish to remain anonymous).
With each design, we will also post relevant link/s back to your portfolio, social media, etc.) *Please note that we will not link to any personal shop pages.

What compensation is provide for artist submissions that are selected?
We pay 25% of the profit margin per t-shirt that is sold for each artist.
Our standard profit margin may vary pending the amount of screens and colours per print design. Therefore, the profit margin maybe reduced for additional expenses. So the key to the design is simple with limited colours.

Do you charge artists for each submission?  No.

How many designs can I submit?
As many as you’d like.

Do you charge artists for any production costs or shipping/handling of the t-shirts?

If my design is selected, how long will you leave it up for sale?
Until sold out. However, AWF/ Alternative Activewear reserves the right to take it down at any time.

How do you pay artists?
Via direct bank deposit on a monthly basis. 

Do ya have any more questions?
Shoot us an email;