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We’ve got the riffs and MOVES to blow ya bloody socks off!

Even if you don’t play guitar - you’ll know and LOVE all the riffy goodness that April will crank thru the stezza during this dance sesh.

Starting with a warm up - ‘jam session’ - jazzy flowy moves to get your body warm and ya heart pumping.

Followed by worshiping the riffs through a watch and follow style dance session.

This form of training is major body conditioning, while blasting thru a playlist of riffs to rock your mind and soul.

Many of the tunes are electric, some with full on distortion so you will loose your mind as the rock gods take over the speakers.

April loves to challenge her rockettes, playing through the entire list of her fave moves and riffs, one after the other, with only a second or 2 break. It’s a fun challenging sesh, that takes little concentration.

Very beneficial for experienced movers or those picking up dance for the first time - injured or new players will be offered low impact alternatives to grow their confidence. 

You’ll strut away feeling awesome AND with bunch of riffs on rotation in ya head. You’ll be on your way towards a “rock solid dancers body” because this sesh really delivers!