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Worship the riff and embrace the rock in our RIFF CULT AEROBICS class. These moves with ripping tunes are guaranteed to blow your bloody socks off.

You don’t need to play guitar to know and love all the riffy goodness that ROCK QUEEN Annabella will crank through the stezza for this dance sesh. She loves to challenge her rockettes, playing through a list of her fave moves and riffs, one after the other.

You’ll warm up with a ‘jam session’ – jazzy, flowy moves to get your body warm and ya ticker started. Then it’s an all or nothing riff fest of electric guitars and distortion, accompanied by a high energy watch and follow style dance session. Think major body conditioning for a rock solid dance bod.  

Suitable for all levels of dance experience – injured or new players will be offered low impact alternatives to grow their confidence. 

Wear comfy gear that allows movement and sneakers. In the cooler weather, bring a snuggly layer just in case.

We’ve got all the shit covered, so just bring a water bottle and towel.

IMPORTANT: Strut on in 5 mins prior to start time, so you don’t risk missing the jam session.