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NEW to AWF, 

> Why Rani? well, She was a feisty Indian queen and freedom fighter around 1857 - that led the rebellion and fought for independence. What a great example of how strong we can be! AND to celebrate thru dance will be a true inspiration.

> Rani Dance boasts easy-to-follow routines to the best Bollywood tracks. A fusion of traditional Indian folk rhythms with aspects of hip hop, latin and jazz dance. Taught as if it's in the beating heart of Mumbai.

Simply follow the amazing trainer Hithanjanee. During the session expect some low impact options offered. It’s a type of dance that most can pick up, regardless of skill level. You may work within your means and join in where you can. Modern Bollywood dance is all about the expression of JOY that will to make you feel like the heroine for the night. 


About your Trainer 

> Hith has been teaching and performing for 11 years, she has been instructing all levels and various styles of dance.

She's SO passionate about dance fitness and empowering women to become strong and CONFIDENT - she gave up her career as a behaviour therapist to focus solely on teaching and performing. 

Her dance fitness teachings cover a broad range of styles including; Hip Hop & Latin and Bollywood moves. Her sessions; "allow women to experience the ultimate combination of power and femininity. Bring out the inner goddess in you with our new invigorating Rani Dance classes!!  - Hith