AWF's range of memberships and pricing offer flexibility and awesome value.

There's no need to dish out for various memberships, gyms or apps. At AWF, you'll gain access to all the classes, giving you convenience and the freedom to book in as you feel. 

Yeah cool, all sounds great...

But what's it gonna sting me?

Duration  Price (AUD)
30mins $8
40-45mins $10
50+mins $12

*Prices shown in Australian Dollars, checkout may display your currency.
It's important to note just as much effort goes into a 30min class as a full hour. AWF offers price variations to suit budgets and participant/s schedules. 


Book 4 or more classes and enter the following code on checkout to get 20% off: thrive


Or for an even better deal, checkout the 7 Day Trial pass and all the MEMBERSHIPS.

...Cool, show me the SCHEDULE.