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Power Pilates

It will ROCK you to the core! xxx

"Pilates at AWF has literally been one of the best things I've ever done with my life. At first the thought of lying on the ground star fishing my way around an unknown thing felt a little bit odd, but after session 2, I was HOOKED. Apparently my physiotherapist says Pilates has helped and contributed to the full recovery of an ongoing major knee injury. Pilates has not only aided in my recovery, but has made me so much stronger in the core, legs, upper body and I have a noticeable difference strength + stability." - Gem

"Pilates is quite a challenge, but always very rewarding. My posture has improved heaps and I'm definitely getting better at push-ups."
- Julia
Your Host: AWF Master Trainer Mel
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"I have a firm belief in equality for all, and aim to conduct my classes with an emphasis on creating safe spaces for groups and a welcoming environment for all. Through my experience and studies it has given me a strong belief in the importance of physical exercise to have a healthy mind body and spirit." - Mel
Low Impact  - superior form of body conditioning that will emPOWER you to discover your inner strength. 
We fricken love the following benefits!...

Chronic back pain …POW!

Exercises are designed to increase flexibility; this means having fewer injuries, less pain connected with tight muscles, allowing you to perform better with any type of physical activity and get on with your daily live.
Pilates helps to cope with discomfort during your PERiOD - Practiced a few days before the period starts (tell your instructor even during menstruation  - so you can opt for less intense exercises), and you will feel the difference! 
All Pilates exercises use your midsection as the starting point for all movements. 
After a few weeks you can notice improvements in your strength + muscle tone.
It’s the best way to get a FLAT TUMMY.
Pilates can give you a lean body like a pro dancer. 
Improves blood circulation in your body that makes your skin more radiant and a healthier body. 
Workouts for balance (like Pilates) can help resolve anxiety problems. 
Perfect after a nightmarish day at work/ home, or when you are studying hard.


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What do I wear to the sessions?

  • Comfy gear that allows movement
  • Socks or bare feet
  • Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather

We supply mats.
Please bring your own towel and waterbottle.

My back always hurts can I do POWER PiLATES?

If you have a serious condition; This class may not be suitable, Get the ‘all clear from your professional + always ensure your back concerns are discussed with the trainer prior to commencing any session.

I’m Pregnant can I do Power Pilates?
Our trainer can alter movements to suit, however we don't recommend.
Pilates during pregnancy should be practiced with extreme caution due to all the changes going on in your body.
Please always let your instructor know if you are pregnant / or planning pregnancy.

Can Pilates hurt your joints?
Pilates does not hurt your joints if performed properly. If you have any joint pains or injuries then you should talk to your professional and make sure that have the ‘all clear’ to try Pilates.

    Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.