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Rockn' Group PT Session

Introducing PiNK TRAiNiNG OLYMP!A … Group PT sessions with an edge. The MAINroom will become your training ground, and The CLUBhouse both your stadium and temple - to worship the rock gods.

There’s going to be bigger and better training challenges, fun concepts and good old team spirit to keep you pumped each week.
Individual challenges, partner work and team games
- all with a fierce fitness focus.

Everyone wins and NO scores or results are recored, noted or displayed for the world to see.
It’s all about you, and that huge internal firecracker you get, when ya achieve new things.

Suitable for most fitness levels, and everyone is encouraged and supported.

You will sweat and you will swear (a lot)!
So what are you waiting for? join the PiNK TRAiNiNG team OLYMP!A and get pumped!

Franca can also work back with individuals that may have injury concerns, the workout can be adjusted to suit you.
Your Host: AWF Master Trainer Franca

If you are not sure; email your enquiry NOW to;


What do I wear to the sessions?

  • Comfy gear that allows movement
  • Sneakers
  • Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather

We supply equipment. 

Please bring your own towel and waterbottle.

My back always hurts can I do PiNK TRAiNiNG?
If you have a serious condition; This class may not be suitable, Get the ‘all clear from your doc’ + Always ensure your back concerns are discussed with the trainer prior to commencing any session.

I’m Pregnant can I do PiNK TRAiNiNG?
Training during pregnancy should be practiced with caution due to all the changes going on in your body.
First, check with your doctor of midwife.
Please always let your instructor know if you are pregnant / or planning pregnancy.

Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.