Suitable for those aged 18+

Do ya love a good weights sesh?! We’re stoked to get together with Authentic Women (our sister business, literally—we’re sisters!) and the Epic Boss Lisa - to offer you their LIFT classes.

This weights-based class will build your strength like nothing else! 

Building muscle strength is great for bone, heart and overall health, especially for women!

LIFT is all about lifting with technique BANG ON whether it’s LiFTING with weights or body weight and not giving up when you feel the “burn”!

Lisa will include exercises for all ya bits and don’t worry, you won’t leave this session looking like a “body builder”, but you'll finish feeling STRONG AF!

Join us sisters who LIFT, PUSH IT like Salt n Pepa and enjoy PUMPING IT to some inspiring tunes. 

Dress warm so you can shed those layers and wear SNEAKERS! 

YOU WILL NEED: A mat (or comfy rug) and 2 sets of dumbbells -1 heavy, 1 light. 

Barbells or kettle bells may also be used! Defining what is heavy or light for everyone is tricky, but essentially you want to feel challenged during your workout! If you're not sure you can always discuss with Lisa prior to booking!

Suitable for most levels. Lisa will need to know about injuries WAY in advance, coz she loves to plan special options for everyone!

Numbers are capped to ensure you LIFT in a safe and fun way.

Each sesh you’re earholes will cop sweet POP + CLASSIC tunes.

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.