Our Founder - Sabina Turner

Sabina Turner is the founder of Alternative Women's Fitness.

Sabina has never liked the atmosphere perpetuated by gym culture, and realised that many women felt the same. With her trademark intuitiveness, she recognised that the need for an alternative was real. The vision was a place where women could thrive without judgement, socialise, listen to rad music and have a variety of unique classes at their fingertips.

Sabina began contacting top trainers and rockin' gals around the North side of Melbourne, and the support was overwhelming. Soon women came swarming from everywhere across Melbourne, all seeking what Sabina and AWF had to offer - a new approach to getting fit and having a blast. Thus in 2012, AWF was born. As the number of recruits began to multiply, providing them with their very own apparel was an organic progression.

With a background designing for some of Australia's biggest active wear labels, Sabina wanted to provide her AWF gals with their own unique training wear. It started as a couple of T-shirt designs and thanks to a huge reaction, quickly accelerated to an online platform. With the goal of redefining active lifestyle, Sabina offered tops suitable for either training or just struttin' out and about. At the same time, she created a sense of belonging for likeminded women.

First there was Superheroine - for girls wanting to rep their North side hoods. Then the AWF play wear range evolved and grew, giving the gang even more sweet threads to choose from. Dr Strange then joined the family for the DRSXAWF collaboration, Running With Scissors - providing the brightest, boldest designs yet. Launching the various brands took Sabina another step closer to fulfilling her mission - to design places in everyday life where women could unleash their animal spirit. Furthermore, it propelled the supportive, team environment Sabina wanted to encourage. With a firm focus on collaboration, Sabina strongly believes extraordinary things can be accomplished by working together.

2016 was a big year for AWF. With classes and recruits exploding in number, Sabina realised they needed a place to call home. She secured the Thornbury Clubhouse in April 2016, coinciding with AWF's fourth birthday. With an official headquarters locked down, the future is looking bigger than Sabina had ever thought possible. The AWF movement is continuing to grow.