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Nat Rowe


Nat’s love of fitness lead to a Rock Aerobix class back in 2012 and she has stuck around since. She loves the combination of classes available at AWF and the ROCKIN’ tunes cranking as she works up a sweat! She loves nothing more than having a good sing along to "Killing In The Name Of” whilst punching it out, or busting out a drum solo during cool down when “Here I Go Again” kicks in.  

“AWF helps keep me sane. I feel incredibly lucky to have met so many amazing, talented, and supportive people. It’s not only the physical fitness I get from my classes that keeps me coming back but the mental too. “

Whilst working on her personal goal of world domination Nat is also AWF’s General Legend and Music Guru.

When Nat isn’t buzzing around AWF she is busy working on her recently started business Revolutionary Drones Records.


Nat is an amazing Crew Member at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!
If you see her around give her a high five and have a chat!...