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muay thai full detail

We offer (6 week or less) PROGRAMS, so you'll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session; You'll adapt to certain movements and then pushed on to more intense drills/ options, You'll LOVE IT!

OPEN, Intermediate+ and  EXPERIENCED 

"Drills and Skills" technique sesh

Suitable for; 
Beginners  - Intermediate.

(The Trainer may choose to split the group into skill level - so you can further develop.)

Beginners - This session also suits Gals getting back into Muay Thai without the stress of being thrown into the deep end. The trainer will focus on technique. Get back to the FUNdermentals.

Intermediate  Gals - You’ve been practicing for a bit and feel ready to step it up! Eliminate any ideas you may have about smashing a punching bag the whole time on your own. Improve YOUR strength, power and endurance - by focusing on technique.

These sessions are designed to build confidence. Your mind and body will be challenged - learning core skills/ technique; it's a great mix of Muay Thai with a focus on strength and conditioning.

You'll focus on;

  • Wrapping hands (prior to sessions starting) *learning? come early!
  • Punching/ kicking/ elbow/ knee Technique
  • Stance/ footwork
  • Skipping
  • Core and balance work
  • Shadow work
  • Combos/ striking/ clinching
  • Some partner work/ light sparring
  • How to pad hold correctly

 Session plan may include;

  • Warm up
  • Shadow
  • Drills Technique/ pad holding
  • Clinching
  • Some combos
  • Light Sparring
  • Conditioning
  • Stretch down

Intermediate+ / EXPERIENCED 
"Train like a fighter" 

Suitable for;
Intermediate - Advanced
Not sure email with questions NOW; CONTACT US
(The Trainer may choose to split the group into skill level - so you can further develop.) 

Suitable for Women that are at a more advanced level that have been practicing for more than 12 months and looking to take their skills/ ability to the next stage.

Wanna lift your game, lift the pace with less instruction and more doing!? The trainer will pick on your technique, only so you can improve your technique.

Session plan may include;

  • Warm up
  • Shadow
  • Drills Technique/ pad holding
  • Multi Combos
  • Clinching
  • Light Sparring
  • Conditioning
  • Stretch down

Our expectations;

  • Know how to wrap
  • Have your own gloves
  • Have your own Shin Guards *optional
  • Very comfortable with your Technique
  • Stance/ footwork… pft easy
  • Find skipping fun
  • Core and balance work, bring it on!
  • Partner work, can work with others, even left handers…
  • Know how to pad hold!!!
  • Enjoy ripping combos
  • Love sweat + hair in your eyes

Includes intense fitness training where the mind, heart + body are pushed to NEW heights!
You may not be planning to step into the ring (seriously) anytime soon, that doesn't mean you can't train like an elite athlete.

Learning from the best + experienced Muay Thai Fighter Judith Lockhart

Each session we'll look at how you can train like a fighter through various fitness training techniques + light sparring.

A waver may need to be signed prior to participating.
You may also need to have a mouthguard.

Email booking only; CONTACT US
Your Trainer: Sylvia >>>

Photo: W.L Fight Photography



*Suitable for most fitness levels.
If you are not sure;
email your enquiry NOW to;


We supply equipment,
Your hands must be wrapped PRIOR to the session commencing.

What do I wear to the sessions?
Wear - anything that allows movement. Bare Feet.

Bring a drink bottle.
No Jeans! Footwear – bare feet... Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather.

IMPORTANT NOTE: GALS MUST ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME; failure to do so will result in delaying your hand wrapping, warm up and important instruction; this may lead to injury, or delaying the group.
Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.