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Right from the word go;

Mel was very active, walking at the age of just 6 months.
At age 3, Mel's mum enrolled her into dance classes so she could project her movement + energyproductively!

From her very first class - onwards, Mel fell in love with dancing/choreographing, making it her world!
I can remember learning many different styles growing up and continued to study performing arts (dance/circus) into my later life.
I am currently in several performing arts projects, one of which is a continuous project - an 80's dance troupe.
Having an extensive movement, performance + choreography background, Mel's bodacious creative spirit has become evident.
No matter whether she's on or off stage, her spirit shines through + especially in her creative freestyle fitness classes!!
Mel has a passion for people / Pilates + is honoured to be apart of Alternative Women's Fitness as one of their Master trainers.
She loves the amazing effect that Pilates has on the body + making people feel good. She believes in healthy exercise, nutrition + a happy soul.

"I've practiced yoga and Pilates through my years at dance school to improve my strength and flexibility. I fell in love with Pilates as it gave me the core strength and awareness of body alignment I needed and gave me knowledge and strength to protect myself from injury. I started teaching Pilates fourteen years ago as I was so inspired by the changes in my body and by my Pilates teacher who happened to be a teacher trainer with Peak Pilates. I wanted to immerse my self in Joseph Pilates knowledge and his works. I've also studied pilates at AAPI which gave me a physiotherapist perspective on pilates."

Mel has a deep passion for this movement and is constantly intrigued by the human body, anatomy and physiology. I am also a qualified remedial therapist which has enhanced my understanding and abilities in the physical health industry.

I have a firm belief in equality for all, and aim to conduct my classes with an emphasis on creating safe spaces groups and a welcoming environment for all. Through my experience and studies it has given me a strong belief in the importance of physical exercise to have a healthy mind body and spirit.

Mel is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!
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