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Teaching wasn't an option until I discovered health and fitness as my own way of living. I wanted to share this new found feeling of awesomeness with everyone.

I haven't always been fit and healthy.
For many years, the couch and eating naughty stuff was the best…

Roughly, 7 years ago I began pole dancing.
This form of fitness boosted my physical and mental strength.
I discovered a confidence and new energy I never knew I had.

Soon after starting pole, I started boxing at AWF.
That was next level training.

Something about beating the sh#t out of a boxing bag, gave me a more strength, confidence and some mad new skills.  

After a few years of training I decided to learn more about the body, the mind, how it all works and how amazing you CAN feel physically and mentally.

I studied my Certificate IV in Fitness and became a Personal Trainer.
Much to my families surprise, the couch slob was now a fitness fanatic.

Boxing is one of those sports that is both empowering, challenging and most of all strength building both physically and mentally. Girls who come to my sessions each week walk out with their heads high and a mean uppercut. I ensure it appeals to all fitness levels and capabilities and everyone smashes their own goals. It's such a loving and encouraging environment with all the girls totally supporting each other.
Being a personal trainer doesn’t feel like work to me, and working out is no longer an option. It’s like sleeping and breathing, you just do it and it feels great. 
I help people achieve their health and fitness goals, and it's such a hard working, positive environment to be a part of.
It feels amazing to be able to help people become happier, more confident, healthier versions of themselves.

Instagram: @kiko_fit

Kiko is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!