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Kettle Belle Hell

We offer (6 week or less) PROGRAMS, so you'll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session; You'll adapt to certain movements and then pushed on to more intense drills/ options, You'll LOVE IT!

A hellish workout designed to sculpt and tone your entire body!

Killer moves to smash your body parts into shape.

Based on the fun all over body workout concept PiNK TRAiNiNG these sessions have been developed around using kettlebells - they are awesome because, their weight isn't evenly distributed, therefore you make your stabiliser muscles work super hard.

You'll be swingin' and liftin' to a heavier rockin' soundtrack. - TONE ON!

A PERFECT way to compliment your PiNK BOXiNG/ Rebelle MT sessions.

The kettlebells are used as super sculptors.
This workout is designed to target;
  • shoulders
  • back
  • butt
  • core
  • and arms

Franca can also work back with individuals that may have injury concerns, the workout can be adjusted to suit you.

Your Host: AWF Master Trainer Franca
Read more about Franca >>>

If you are not sure; email your enquiry NOW to;


What do I wear to the sessions?

  • Comfy gear that allows movement
  • Sneakers
  • Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather

We supply equipment. 
Please bring your own towel and waterbottle.

My back always hurts can I do Kettle Belle Hell?

If you have a serious condition; This class may not be suitable; Get the ‘all clear' from your professional + always ensure your back concerns are discussed with the trainer prior to commencing any session.

I've heard you get a saw back from doing Kettle Bell?
Low back pain may be a common complaint in Kettlebell, especially for beginners. One example, and the most basic move, is learning the swing. This move can cause considerable stress on the lower back. Our trainer will teach you how to use the Kettle bell correctly.

I’m Pregnant can I do 
Kettle Belle Hell?
Our trainer can alter movements to suit.

If you have already learned some of the basic exercises and are sure you are using them properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to continue with the exercises.
As long as you have the okay to exercise from your doctor, you should be able to do almost everything you are currently doing, during your first trimester.
Once your belly gets larger around 16 – 20 weeks, you are going to have to make some adjustments. You will have to eliminate exercises.
You may need modify the weight that you use and scale down many of the exercises.
Please always let your trainer know if you are pregnant / or planning pregnancy.

Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.

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