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KerryX is a stone cold fox. When she jumped on board to teach BRUTALITEASE we knew we were in for a wild ride.

A self-described darling of darkness - KerryX is a master of neo-burlesque, cabaret noir and alternative artistic performance. No stranger to the stage, she has been performing and dancing professionally for 12 years, carving out a unique style that is all her own.

Her sauciest specialities lay within her flair for the art of sensual burlesque. Not only does this require intense physical training, it also requires a strong mind. Confidence is key for KerryX. She’s here to share her tricks of the trade on how to be as fierce as she is.

We reckon KerryX is the perfect match for our brand new BRUTALITEASE class. It's a space to grow confidence in, get moving and of course listen to some heavy tunes.

KerryX is on board with AWF to share her repertoire of burlesque, striptease, dance and fitness moves - all to a roaring metal soundtrack. What could be more brutal?

KerryX is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!

Check out the session she takes >>>


Top image by 3 Fates Media, hair by Jasper Jewel, makeup Kerryx

Bottom image by Caveboy Studios, hair and makeup Kerryx