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Judith Lockhart

Judith is a Scottish Muay Thai Fighter and Rock junkie living in Melbourne. She started Muay Thai at the age of 16 with the Dumfries Dragons, where she had no intention of becoming a fighter and wanted to learn a sport for fitness and self defense.

She was offered to fight for Scotland at the 2004 IFMA World Championship in Thailand. Two weeks before she was due to fly out with the team to Bangkok she broke her wrist during sparring. She still went to the IFMA World Championship to support the Scottish team, it was there that she actually got a thirst to fight professionally.

Since then she has trained around the world, spending over two years altogether in Thailand,  training under some very well known gyms and trainers as well as fighting professionally in Thailand, Malaysia and in Australia.

As well as Muay Thai Judith has worked as as a functional personal trainer and snowboarding instructor.

While she was living, training and fighting in Bangkok she also worked for the World Muay Thai Council at their headquarters in Bangkok where she was the Secretary of the Athletes Commission. During this time she helped organise the IFMA World Championships which was held in Langkawi Malaysia 2014.

Her interests are in food and nutrition however she is also a chocoholic and loves a healthy glass of red wine!! “Balance in key”

“Get stuck in and keep persisting, if you were perfect you wouldn't need to practice.”

Judith aims to help and inspire women all around the world, not just in Muay Thai with her other passion in counselling.

Instagram: @judlock

Judith is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!

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