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Introducing a bunch of legendary-passionate Women that run workshops and classes out of The CLUBhouse (Thornbury). For more info, you'll need to get in contact with them directly.



Here at Alternative Women’s Fitness we love fostering a sense of community. That’s why we’re stoked as to have our new housemate Marisa, owner and head instructor at Just Believe Fit.

Marisa gave us the rundown on her bucket loads of experience and what makes Just Believe Fit sessions a cut above the rest.   

You’ve got more qualifications than we could poke several sticks at. For those not in the know, what are they?

“I have many pieces of paper that indicate that I’m formally recognised as an English and Literature teacher, Dance and Movement Educator and a Pilates, Barre and Group Fitness Instructor. But now that menopause has fully taken over my life, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast let alone 30 odd years ago.“

“I like to say that I’m a 50 something woman fully qualified in the here and now.”

As a whipper snapper you trained in classical ballet. How has that experience carried over to the classes you teach?

“My training taught me body awareness and an understanding of body physics, which are fundamental to teaching others how to move their bodies.”

However, it was also limiting on so many levels. I wasn’t the right shape and I certainly was crap at standing on my toes – but I just loved to dance and move. So now my teaching mantra is ‘It ain’t what you look like but what you feel like that counts.’”

What can attendees expect to gain from your classes and what sets them apart from others?

“In our classes we love to laugh and not take ourselves seriously. Laughter is the best core strengthener! We leave expectation and judgment at the door and listen to what our bodies need at any given moment.”

“We are not purist in any one discipline but offer a range of classes to meet our bodies changing needs on a day-to-day basis. It’s the Thornbury one stop health and fitness shop for men and women in the local community.”

Finally Marisa, how do we go about booking in with you and how often are you operating at The CLUBhouse?

“We are running classes seven days a week, morning and evening, and we also have special weekend seminars and workshops.  Our first timetable is a testing ground and will be adapted with feedback from our community.”

“You can book in on the website, Mindbody, or better still download the Just Believe Fit app and do it all from the convenience of your phone.”



Sarah Dee started Dee Street in 2015 after years of teaching Afro, Hip Hop and Booty dance styles which she learnt in Africa, Cuba and the United States.

Dee Street combines Afro, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Booty moves with a touch of Krump and Bounce, into fun classes taught with energy, humour and generosity. We love that everybody moves differently, we know that everyone can learn rhythm and that everyone can dance.

We play rad tunes that honour and celebrate women. 

The intention behind every class is to encourage individual expression, female power and connection. To music, to movement and to a community.

email: sarah[at]


Women's CircusNew 2018.

ZUMBA Meet Julia: she has been movin' and shakin' since she could walk. Over the years, she has practiced ballet, jazz, tap and belly dancing -  just to name a few! For years Julia taught all styles of ballroom including Latin and Street Latin. 

Late 2009 was when ZUMBA became her primary passion. By becoming an instructor all the latin training was re-ignited. Julia LOVES teaching ZUMBA and in her sessions you'll expect to sweat and laugh a lot!
ZUMBA is contagious for Julia and her cult followers.
"You get a serious workout in an exciting, energetic and fun environment, it's a great workout for everyone."

contact: julia_basa[at]



website >

contact: lakita.dancer[at]


Hula hooping.

contact: hoopyhayley[at]



 Back mid 2018.

We love sharing The CLUBhouse with amazing and passionate people. Sessions produced by these Women; encourage fitness and compliment what AWF offer - More importantly provide women with an opportunity / a platform to thrive!