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GUNT, Legs & Bums


GUNT, Legs & bums...
The poor little Gunt had been given a pretty bad rap.

If you haven’t heard this term before,
here’s the low down… it’s that special area sandwiched right between your belly button and you know, downstairs.

It’s not quite a gut, and it’s not quite a c*nt.

Instead, it’s a strange nether region which we all can have a few issues with from time to time.
It’s an area that tends to hold a lot of stress, (gas) and is super susceptible to bloating, and for those that experience period pain...argh!

So what do we do about it?
AWF has made up a sesh that punches political correctness right in the kisser,
targeting this notoriously difficult body part.
We are here to nurture, embrace and love your Gunt, not shame it.

The class is a low impact, light and easy watch and follow aerobics style warm up, with a specific focus on engaging your core.
Plus, we have also included moves to work your legs & bum so that your whole body reaps the benefits.

Curious? We know you are.
If you have a GUNT (or not), lock in your Gunt sessions for a laugh,
a rad time and an A+ workout.
Your Host: AWF Master Trainer Annabella
Read more about Annabella... >>>

Suitable for most fitness levels.

No experience required! 

If you are not sure; email your enquiry NOW to;


What do I wear to the sessions?

  • Comfy gear that allows movement
  • Bare feet/ socks
  • Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather... 

We supply equipment.

My back always hurts can I do the GUNT session?
If you have a serious condition; This session may not be suitable. Get the ‘all clear' from your professional + always ensure your concerns are discussed with the trainer PRIOR to commencing any session.

I’m Pregnant can I do GUNT?
Our trainer can alter movements to suit, however we don't recommend.
GUNT during pregnancy should be practiced with extreme caution due to all the changes going on in your body.
Please always let your instructor know if you are pregnant / or planning pregnancy.

Can GUNT hurt your joints?
GUNT, Legs & Bums does not hurt your joints if performed properly. If you have any joint pains or injuries then you should talk to your professional and make sure that have the ‘all clear’ to attend.

    Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.