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Ellie O’Brien began her fitness journey playing netball in high school. 

It wasn’t until she was 17 with no netball team to join that her father introduced her to martial arts. She began with karate and quickly fell in love with all things martial arts-y.

Eight years of dedicated training and Ellie holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shukokai karate.

Trying Jiu-Jitsu after a lifetime of karate was a real game changer for Ellie and after 2.5 years of rolling holds a blue belt.

“Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best things I ever did. It has really helped my confidence and has made me a stronger person…”

During her jiu-jitsu career Ellie has been lucky enough to train with some amazing teachers including:  John Danaher, Pedro Sauer, Rener Gracie, Rylan Lizares, Rafael Natal Sapo and Chris Burns.

Her family have a tough time pulling Ellie away from training even when she is traveling overseas. Ellie just loves rolling with people of all shapes and sizes. 

Ellie’s coach always says that getting submitted is a blessing in disguise and is on of the best ways to improve.

Along with teaching Karate regularly, Ellie has also run various self-defence courses.
Ellie knows gals that join her for Rebelle JJ (Jiu-Jitsu) will get a big confidence boost from the training program. She aims to bring out individual abilities in her gals to help them feel empowered and stronger.
“My Jiu-Jitsu coach is the best mentor I could ask for, and I just want to do for others what he did for me.”

We love Ellie and her bright and bubbly personality.
She is totally approachable and is happy to stay after her sessions to cover any questions.

Ellie can’t wait to pass Jiu-Jitsu on to the AWF community.

ROCK N’ ROLL – Hell Yeah!

Ellie is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!

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