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photos: IG @michelleghunder

Since: MMXIV

"MISSION" - Design platforms for individuals at a grassroots level to play…
"VISION" - To actively scream unique shit.

They both love PINK, that’s what brought them together…
Tough as nails and twice as wiley, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Two sides of the same coin, two gals, Rach + Sab are passionate about women, individuality and realness. 


Meet Rach (Rachael Lee Perks),
a bad ass ragtrader and self-diagnosed weirdo, she is the brains behind Melbourne anarchic label Dr Strange (DRS).

This ex-pink haired girl has metal in her veins and the grass roots of Melbourne streets on her mind.
The devil is in the details and Dr Strange is no exception.
Dr Strange seeks to satisfy the more irregular minded Bucks and Vixens of the urban jungle.

A label born out of sheer grief at the blandness of the playwear scene, Rach is hungry to inject some eccentricity back into gym wear.

Flip the Coin…

Hello Sab (Sabina Turner), the Tazzy Devil ain’t got nothin’ on this tornado Turner!

Head coach/ Founder of (Melbourne’s) Northside gal club - 

Alternative Women’s Fitness (AWF), this girl knows how to rock it, literally!

Running ignites the mind, and in this instance it rings so true. 

While out on one of her routine jaunts, floating along to the electrifying vocals of Phoebe (Heaven the Axe), 

Sab ran straight into the idea of AWF!

It’s a gym alternative for women, that has now become an underground fitness cult / a clubhouse for those Lasses yearning to escape the confines or idea of the generic gym culture.


They did the mash, they did the monster mash, the monster MASH!

A mash of bleeding pink hearts and scissor impaling has become the signature style of Running with Scissors, the sick fusion of DRS X AWF.
What began as braingasims over the ultimate alternative women’s playwear!
Two killer forces have come together to unleash a new wave of what it means to run to your own beat.
Featuring PINK and tongue in cheek slogans are just the beginning of the perfectly irregular duo.
If you are looking for fun, individuality and character; this collab has it in droves and will have you #BLEEDPINK all over town (and Instagram)!


#RunningWithScissors #RachandSab #DRSXAWF #BleedPink

Instagram: http://instagram/DRSXAWF