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This NSW native’s love of basketball at a young age saw her shifting through sports, until she discovered MuayThai while traveling at the age of 18.   The traditional Thai gym she originally approached did not train women!  So her MuayThai journey started here in Melbourne a little later on at 21 years old...   During her Uni days, if she wasn't hitting the books, she was spending ALL her free time hitting pads at training…  This passion (obsession) for MuayThai took her back to Thailand, where Dani lived for 6 weeks on camp, training 6 hours a day, 6 days a week! This was the best, she was thrilled to have found her second ‘home’.  Although the people, the training and being fit had always fuelled her love for MuayThai, It was her Thai trainers that encouraged her to get in the ring! They praised her strength and fighter spirit. Dani had learned so much from this Thailand experience and returned to Australia with the hopes of finding similar Thai style training. 
She eventually found a supportive, traditional and knowledgeable crew whom she loves to train and even fight with!  Dani was thrilled with her first fight, ending in a TKO and it was the best feeling ever! When she began training to fight again for her second fight, her shoulders gave way in the surf.
She went through solid physio programs and made her way back to Thailand a couple more times until further injury meant undergoing the knife.  She has pushed, making a come back to training again and is stoked to share a passion of hers. Dani hopes to one day get back to training and fighting with her crew again!!  
When she isn’t exploring the outdoors you’ll find Dani in a classroom full of incredibly awesome kids.
Dani takes Rebelle MT - MuayThai/ Kickboxking trainer + We just LOVE HER!