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I came to yoga because of dance.
I’ve been dancing since I was a little kid and part of our training was to build flexibility, so we were always exposed to bits and pieces of yoga. Sometimes full yoga classes were included at intensives, and I thought it was pretty cool stuff.

In college I found myself facing a summer with limited movement options, since I lived too far away from any place with adult classes to keep dancing. 

I had already learned that my body starts to deteriorate quickly into degeneration and pain when I’m not moving,
and my mental state does suffers;
I love movement,
I crave it like most people crave air or potato chips.
A yoga studio by my house had a pass I could just barely afford,
so I went to seriously every class because - I was used to spending 8-12 hours in the dance studio and now had all that free time on my hands.
Something magical happened.
I fell in love.
Not just with yoga, but with myself.
My teacher and her wonderful team let me know that whatever I brought to my mat or to life each day,
as long as I was fully present and breathing through it, was enough.
It changed the course of my life.

In Spring of 2014,
I completed teacher training and became a Yoga Teacher.
I moved to Portland, Oregon right at that time - figuring it was a good a time to quit my lucrative real estate career and go for the more fulfilling (for everything but my bank account) career of Yoga Teacher. 
I’ve never regretted that crazy awesome decision.
The opportunity to bring yoga to others is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given by fate (or whatever). 

April is our FURIOSA YOGA trainer + We just LOVE HER!

photo @jemkingphotography