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Ambika started her journey as a professional dancer 20 years ago.

She performed as a dancer and cabaret performer throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. 

During this period, she discovered Yoga and studied and taught Yoga in many places including India, New York, London and Berlin.

Over the past 20 years, Ambika has opened her own Yoga studio, become a fitness instructor, performed in fringe festivals and continued to study both interstate and overseas.

In fact, she's a study junky!  


In 2008, after moving to Melbourne from Adelaide, Ambika's friends were complaining about how much they hated gyms, and more importantly, the music played in gyms!

So Ambika created a dance/fitness class set to Rock Music for her mates. Rock Aerobix was initially taught in bars (with beer and all) and has over the years expanded to corporate classes, events and community centres... and anywhere folk will have her. 

Ambika considers herself a 'game changer' as she has never EVER followed the crowd, and chooses to embrace, teach and nurture all folk slightly left of centre, odd, eccentric and, in her eyes, fabulous!
At 40+ years of age she is still training interstate with various Yoga teachers she admires and can't imagine life without 'feeding the mind'.

Ambika is a Master Trainer at Alternative Women's Fitness + We just LOVE HER!