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Ally lives by the code that having fun while you sweat never feels like work, and aims to bring that fun to every class.
Seeing her recruits have equally as much enjoyment as she has, is her ultimate goal!
She was a late bloomer when it came to dance. As a teenager she always felt awkward and unco-ordinated, never “fitting in” with sports - struggling in the pool, lagging on the track and all thumbs whenever a ball was near.
Cert III Fitness (Group Exercise)
(2014) Bachelor Health Sciences (Naturopathy)
(2005) Advanced Diploma (Herbal Medicine)
(2004) Advanced Diploma (Nutrition)
(2004) Cert IV Feng Shui & Geobiology
(2004) Reiki Level 1 & 2
(2002) Pranic Healing
(2012) Romiromi Traditional Maori Healing
(2012) Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Teacher Training
(2013) First Aid Level 2 (2008-current)

At the age of 22, Ally enrolled in a Tai Chi course and was surprised at how easily she took to the flowing movements. She picked up the form so quickly in fact, that 6 months into training she was asked to lead the classes for a few weeks while her teacher went away - as the students would always comment on her precision and grace and naturally seemed to look to her for guidance during class. Tai Chi gave Ally confidence in movement and along with encouragement from her aunt (who shared a love of dance), she decided to study dance in various forms. Ally took to it like a duck to water and the freedom she felt while dancing ignited a passionate fire inside of her that continues raging to this day.

In 2004 she stumbled upon a pole dance class. She was the star student - out of the massive group of four - but nonetheless felt elated at having found something she excelled at.
This began a love affair with the metal mistress that has continued to this day. Ally is currently a pole instructor, award-winning competitor and performer.
She also is a producer of pole events and co-owner of the Australian Pole Dancers Magazine!
While having never been a fan of conventional exercise, Ally is a firm believer in the importance of staying fit and healthy.
She is a trained naturopath, but left her clinic practice in 2014 to establish her passion projects within the pole community as well as her retro dance fitness classes.
To round out her understanding of functional exercise training, Ally completed a certificate in fitness; specialising in group exercise.
Everything combined; she loves using her knowledge and experience to help people improve their wellbeing and ensures having fun along the way!

Ally is our TIGHT ARSE WORKOUT trainer + We just LOVE HER!

photo @jemkingphotography