The team from AWF are so stoked to bring everyone our digital mag, CRAMP.

I’m a visual kinda gal and love all the content we create at AWF. Instagram for example is one of my favourite social media platforms for showing this off. It’s a bright, image-heavy medium, which also acts as a sort of timeline and visual diary. But I really wanted to do something a bit more spesh.

The idea behind CRAMP is to intro a ‘splatform’. We want to showcase AWF’s insanely awesome cool shit and collaborate with others. CRAMP is a diving board for everyone to ‘splat’ their shit, share their passion, craft, projects or sick ideas.

In a world that is so bloody overwhelming, we wanted to let you take the reins on how you consume CRAMP. We decided to make our digi mag predominantly image-orientated, with snapshots of text linking back to longer articles.  So you’ve only gotta read a block of text if that particular article tickles ya good bits. 

Essentially, CRAMP is our collection of all things rad, local and different.

So kick back - take a sec now or ten minutes later - and soak up our specially made concoction for your minds, hearts and funny bones.

- Sabina Turner - Head Coach