We’re not a fucking gym. What we are is an inclusive community of women learning to thrive in every way without limitations.

We offer a fitness alternative to a traditional gym in many ways.

  • A primary focus is on learning a new skill and doing it well, rather than aesthetics or weight-loss
  • A space where nobody is judged for wearing or not wearing particular brands or looking any particular way
  • Classes that are free from gym-bro culture – empowering rather than intimidating
  • An affordable alternative to gym memberships
  • Alternative fitness options to those that most gyms tend to offer

You won’t find a gym branded class on this roster. There are boxing classes taught by professional female boxers/ trainers. You’ll learn technique whilst getting a super workout that isn’t just a boxercise or cardio boxing class for women. You can rock your way into a downward dog or throw your fingers in the sky to some doom as you strike a tree pose.

There are so many unique classes that you won’t find anywhere else. Where having fun is just as important (if not more) as the getting fit bit.

Health and fitness alternatives in diverse venues.

We offer fitness classes in a number of diverse venues, from dance studios to stores to pubs and bars and more besides. Quirky fun venues for individuals who aren’t crazy about gyms.

For three years, from start 2016 to end 2018, our central hub was the CLUBhouse in Thornbury. The CLUBhouse had multiple class spaces, personal training work-out stations, a shop area for independent female designers, and was decorated in empowering female art, feminist quotes and inspiring photography, creating an awesome environment and atmosphere you could feel the moment you walk in the doors. The Clubhouse hosted fitness classes, meditation, art therapy, crafts, markets and well-being workshops. Also gig nights for female-fronted bands, and catwalk shows for independent designers. Those days are much treasured memories, but AWF lives on post-Clubhouse closure. While the Clubhouse has now closed, the AWF mission hasn’t changed: to help women thrive.


Helping women thrive isn’t limited to just giving them an venue to get fit and strong. It’s also about offering them an outlet to express themselves through music, fashion, art, and creativity. Offering a space for women to share their skills, discover new hobbies and make new best friends. Inspiring women to connect with other women about what makes them passionate – whether that’s pilates or pattern-making or punk music. This is just as true now, with AWF spread out across multiple venues, as it was in the Clubhouse days.

Alternative Women’s Fitness was born of the need for an outlet where women of all types can thrive. Many women just don’t fit into gym culture, so don’t find fitness inspiring. AWF offers fun and safe spaces to get fit, healthy and strong, and also to create an alternative culture around fitness – a space where being into music or art doesn’t exclude you from getting into fitness, but instead is celebrated and incorporated into part of learning to live your best life and really thrive.