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FLING (2 weeks) M20p

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Tartan! It's synonymous with both Scotland and PUNK ROCK. At AWF we love a good mash 'up, so let's throw 'em together, and do some Scottish Highland Dancing to punk and rock music!

Och aye ya wee dancer, we be jiggin’ in Preston, ye’ll learn tae hooch and burl, it'll be well braw n barry n aw! So dinnae faff aboot, get booked in the noo!

Translation: Oh yeah you good things, we’ll be dancing in Preston, learning how to ‘hooch’ [Highland Reel dance cry] and ‘burl’ [Scots dance move], it'll be super cool and fun and stuff! So don't waste time, get booked in now!

We all have stress and strain in our lives, and what more joyful way to get rid of it than by FLINGin' it out!? This hard rock Highland Dance class is part cardio, part stress-busting, part strengthening, and all fun! Learn Scots-dance skills suitable for absolute beginners, and Master Trainer Margy Mayhem will also offer more complex options for those keen on a challenge. Get active, get energetic, and unleash your inner Loch Ness!

We supply the ripping playlist and good times. Wear a band tee and leggings or any comfy gear that allows movement, with socks or bare feet. Kilts are totally optional, but if do wear ‘em, remember to wear ya undies - yeah, we know, that’s not traditional – but neither are we! Otherwise if ya keen on some tartan – try donning a flanny! Bring a water bottle, a towel if you’re a sweater and extra layers in cooler weather.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME. We don’t want you to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.

SUITABLE FOR: 16yo+ We offer a grrrls only, safe space for you to come and FLING.


Venue: 60 High Street, Preston

Hosts/ Trainers: Margy Mayhem

Dates/ times:
26 MAR 6:30pm
02 APR 6:30pm

Bookings essential, this purchase confirms your placement. This session has very limited availability; The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Pack prices are for the dates above, no refunds for missed sessions. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

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