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PiNK BOXiNG - FUNdamentals

We offer Women's boxing classes in (6 week or less) PROGRAMS, so you'll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session; You'll adapt to certain movements and then pushed on to more intense drills/ options, You'll LOVE IT! FUNdamentals 
Suitable for Women with ZERO to some experience. Our sessions will teach you how to punch properly; it's about technique not strength...
This session also suits Gals getting back into Boxing without the stress of being thrown into the deep end.

Get back to the FUNdamentals of boxing.
When you're not throwing a punch, you're ducking + slipping, doing push-ups, squats or core work.

PiNK BOXiNG is high intensity; a full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time.
Eliminate any ideas you may have about smashing a punching bag the whole time on your own.

These sessions are designed to build confidence. Your mind and body will be challenged - learning core skills/ technique; it's a great mix of boxing with a focus on strength and conditioning.

You'll focus on;
  • Learn how to wrap (week 2-3)
  • Boxing Technique
  • Stance/ footwork
  • Core and balance work
  • Shadow boxing / some combos
  • Some partner work / How to pad hold correctly
  • Growing your fitness


I've done boxing before, do I still need to do FUNdamentals..? Punching with a random PT in the park, doesn't count. Unless you have been to a proper boxing gym, you may skip to a more experienced level. Everyone is different, if you feel you need a re-fresher for confidence, to touch up your technique or to increase your fitness, FUNdamentals is a perfect option without the pressure of jumping into a fast pace more advanced environment.

Can I repeat FUNdamentals..? If you feel comfortable with FUNdamentals, why move! You can continue in this session until you are ready to move into Bridge. If you are not sure, ask the Trainer about your progress and if there are aspects of your game you may focus on to get your confidence cooking!

Your Trainer/s
Pro Boxer Natalie Amoré and Master Trainer Kiko