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Awesome Foursome (4 week membership)

Awesome Foursome (4 week membership)

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So what do ya get with your Awesome Foursome membership?

  • A truckload of curated playlists, to complement uniquely designed classes plus access to exclusive classes with sister businesses interstate and overseas.
  • We make sure our program is balanced so you get both your Yin and your Yang time.
  • You get to connect with some like-minded crew (+ pets) from all over the joint. We may be biased but we reckon our crew are bloody nice and hilarious to boot.
  • With you'll be able unlock access to ALL OF THE online classes! ALL OF THEM for 4 weeks. 
  • And with this package you'll get $10 credit that can be applied to future memberships or some new gear.

*Bookings are essential. You'll be able to apply your issued unique code when booking in your classes.

**No refunds on this pass. By booking you agree to the T+C's. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required. How to do classes ONLINE >.

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