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MuayThai/ Kickboxing - Beginners

We offer (6 week or less) PROGRAMS, so you'll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session; You'll adapt to certain movements and then pushed on to more intense drills/ options, You'll LOVE IT!
Beginners - This session also suits Gals getting back into kickboxing / MuayThai without the stress of being thrown into the deep end. The trainer will focus on technique. Get back to the FUNdamentals.

You'll focus on;

  • Wrapping hands (prior to sessions starting) *learning? come early!
  • Punching/ kicking/ elbow/ knee Technique
  • Stance/ footwork
  • Core, conditioning and balance work
  • Shadow work
  • Combos/ striking/ clinching
  • Some partner work/ light sparring
  • How to pad hold correctly
    Your Host: AWF Master Trainer Dani