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What's the first thing about Rebelle fight club (RFC)? Don’t worry we don't host underground punching dens, or do we? All we wanna know is… if you love a bit a biff? Yeh? Good.

Coz we love some biffo, and not just because it’s an opportunity to let off some pent up steam. We love growing a community of fighters to feel confident enough to participate in curated sparring matches.

If ya sign up, you’ll be paired off with someone of equal-ish skill (and similar height). Age is not an issue, unless you’re under 18, soz, it’s just feels weird hitting younger crew.


  • No strikes to face.
  • No grabbing.
  • Hair off face.
  • 3 x 2-3 minute bouts with 1 minute break in between each round.


  • Hands wrapped
  • 10oz gloves
  • Headgear
  • Mouthguard
*All of these things we can supply, except for mouthguard/s. Gross.

    What's that? not sure if you’re 'fit' enough? If you can skip for the same amount of time it takes to listen to 4 of your fave punk songs, you’ll survive a match.

    On the day of your fight, all kinds of emotions hit ya, you might feel anxious, tired, over or under prepared, over or under confident, JUST TURN UP, because if you feel the slightest bit out of your comfort zone, this means you’re learning and growing as a human being and just imagine how you can take your fighting experience/s into other areas of your life!

    Cheering and encouragement is a must! Booing is a no-no, we have many nervous fighters – so full support is vital! We need the encouragement and support for everyone regardless of experience.

    What do fighters need?
    - must have boxing experience with AWF/ AW or similar.
    - a fight name - make up ya own or we can help ya with ideas!
    - a walk out theme song - as above
    - to be 18+ on the day of the fight.
    - gimmick/ themed outfits are optional
    - community spirit

    What do fighters get?

    - To be a WINNER - everyone who fights, wins!

    - Box in an old-school boxing club where famous boxers have been bred, sweat, and fought!
    - Have a female pro boxer in your corner! (Nat Amore!)
    - The opportunity to invite friends / fam / colleagues / that person you have a crush on to watch and cheer you on!
    - $20 voucher to use on Alternative Activewear website!
    - Photos taken for ya to remember the occasion!
    - Get to describe yourself as a "boxer" or "fighter" on ya socials, resume, everything for the rest of ya life! ;)

    16+ Cheer squad, bookings essential! >
    Time keeper wanted > CONTACT US


    NB:  This is not a public event. Tickets available only to current and former AWF/AW crew & members; and immediate female identifying friends & family of AWF/AW 'fighters'. Women's only space. This is a not-for-profit event. This is an entertainment arvo - not an amateur [or pro] boxing ranking event. Funds raised from this event will go towards venue hire, new equipment and staff/trainer fees.


    Venue: Kingsbury Boxing Club, Browning St

    Time: 3-5pm (Fighters arrive 2:50pm/ Cheer Squad from 3:30pm)

    Hosts/ Trainers: Natalie Amore and Sabina Turner

    Terms and Conditions; Your purchase confirms your placement. Once this is processed; The rego/pass is not transferable for cash or other. If you’re unable to attend; your place may be transferable to a friend*
    Any further questions; CONTACT US

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