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Banshee Barre WED 8PM

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Dates/ times: (AEST)

8pm (45min) Online class

MUSIC THEME: Goth/ Punk/ Rock/ Metal

Queens of the night only workout once the sun is down, when we come to LIFE!

What is Barre? Beguiling Barr-aye, Barre-guiling Barre...?

Well, it’s more potent than pointe, that’s for sure. It’s all the juicy goodness you’d want from a bunch of classes all mashed into one big, beautiful, bubbling cauldron.

Expect a mixture of core, stretch, with strong influences from yoga and pilates oozing from all corners of the session.

Watch and follow in Hell-Yeah Haley's cosmic shadow.

If you’ve had A Strange Day, it’s only just beginning for Haley as the sun rises on the ample greenery of their hometown in New Hampshire, USA. You dark souls are in for a treat tonight! Get ready to work your weary bodies before hitting the hay, whilst Haley begins their day in the U.S. of A. by welcoming us into the warm embrace of Banshee Barre.

Hell-Yeah Haley is the almighty leader, gracing us Aussie fans with her presence from the other side of the world in the early hours of their morning. Travel through your night with moves fit for anyone wanting to get their flow on to lush, synthy crescendos with a hint of dark pop-punk thrown in for good measure.

Just as Siouxsie's husky, powerful voice enchants listeners with storytelling, you’ll be mesmerised at home within your cave—we guarantee this cult class becomes your cornerstone of classes, let its spellbinding and epic playlist lovingly rock your screeching soul.

The baton of life is ready for your embrace! Expect your butt to wail during climatic moments just like Siouxsie and the Banshees kicking ass in their diabolic tracks. The class cauldron is 
packed full of wicked moves, so you can roll out on the other side Just Like Heaven.

Caters for those that not only dress in black, but also for those that just wanna hit the mat wearing anything that allows movement. Dark make-up or fetish aesthetic is optional (but also encouraged if that’s ya jam).

This ain’t no niche class for a specific fan base, we reckon most generations will appreciate this full body workout with moves to make ya feel the BURN. You are encouraged to work within your means and alternative options are always on offer.

Suitable for most levels, don’t forget ya yoga mat if ya have one, otherwise pull up a large towel or a rug. 

Wear comfy gear that allows movement and socks or bare feet. You’ll feel hotter than hell for the most part - but you might cop a chill towards the end, so have layers handy.

Your Host: Hell-Yeah Haley


Bookings close:
2 hours prior (unless sold out)

Remember to: Login 5-15 minutes before start time (login info will be sent via SMS prior)

Bookings essential: This purchase confirms your placement and by booking you agree to the T+C's. The booking is not transferable for cash or other. Price/s is for the date/s above, no refunds for missed session/s. Any further questions; CONTACT US >

Suitable for women aged 18+: We're not insured for underaged visitors. No including underage crew to 'just to watch the class' or to 'participate'. Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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