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PRO BOXER Natalie AMORÉ, knows what she wants - to wear during training and après boxing.
Searching deep for the warrior within has been her ethos at times of struggle and success both in and out of the ring.  

Nat is as passionate today as she was way-back-when she picked up a pair of gloves for the first time. 

Time won’t weary this fighter, Nat will continue to thrive and aspires to encourage others also.

The natural progression to collaborate with Alternative Women’s Fitness was an inevitable outcome of a bond the Head Coach Sabina Turner and Nat have developed over the years. 

The AXA Collaboration is the effort between these 2 women, both are lovers & fighters and together they make up a rad force. The collection is based on how they feel about boxing; creating ways to promote the sport in a way women can relate. This range is aimed at encouraging and promoting women to be active, knowing that you are an individual that is apart of something bigger, part of a team, a collective sisterhood that and pushes for change, finds the warrior within and thrives everyday!

#AWFgal: @_carissalee photo: @michelleghunder

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